Python module for LX200 telescope command set

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Mon Jan 30 06:58:30 CET 2006

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>Subject: Re: Python module for LX200 telescope command set
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>On Sun, 29 Jan 2006 15:25:43 -0800, RayS <rays at> declaimed
>the following in comp.lang.python:
> > I've begun a Python module to provide a complete interface to the Meade
> > LX200 command set:
> >
> > and would like input from potential users or people interested in
> > developing it further.
>         While you might scare some away, have you considered posting in:
>alt.telescopes.meade and/or alt.telescopes.meade.lx200?

Thanks Wulfraed,
I hadn't followed those groups, as I'm a fairly new Meade user. I'll 
post there.

Whatever happened to the astropy list?


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