inline function call

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Jan 4 10:47:53 EST 2006

Riko Wichmann wrote:
> Can I call a function in python inline, so that the python byte compiler 
> does actually call the function, but sort of inserts it where the inline 
> call is made? Therefore avoiding the function all overhead.

I know a simple technique that could should basically avoid the function 
call overhead that might be worrying you, but it's really not suitable 
to use except in case of a really serious bottleneck.  How bad is the 
performance in the particular case that concerns you?  What kinds of 
timing measurement have you got that show the problem?

(The technique is basically a particular way of using a generator... 
should be obvious and easy to figure out if it's really the "function 
call overhead" that is your bottleneck.)


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