Debugging python 2.2 code with Pydev

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Wed Jan 18 10:34:40 EST 2006

*Looks* like the plugin code isn't compatible with Python 2.2. (Some
change in the way imports are resolved ?).

PyDev will almost certainly use the same interpreter to run the code as
the one it is using itself...

There is possibly a PyDev mailing list to check on though.

You could try installing Python 2.3 to see if the problem goes away.

Movable Python is a good way to develop for multiple versions of Python
on a windows box. Unless you can configure PyDevf to use a different
execuatable to run scripts with, you won't be abel to do this from
within PyDev though. You can switch to SPE of course, which has many
other advantages (otehr than being bundled with Movable Python) ;-)

All the best,


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