PyQt calling an external app?

gregarican greg.kujawa at
Tue Jan 10 14:48:34 CET 2006

Giovanni Bajo wrote:

> You can also go the Qt way and use QProcess. This also gives you cross-platform
> communication and process killing capabilities which are pretty hard to obtain
> (see the mess in Python with popen[1234]/subprocess). You also get nice signals
> from the process which interact well in a Qt environment.
> --
> Giovanni Bajo

Good point. I don't think that this particular class is available with
Qt 2.3.0, which is what I am using for my Sharp Zaurus and Win32
implementations of this app. Once I move up to the world of Qt 4 I will
definitely look into this as an option for certain things. My next
quest will be rewriting this app (again) so that it will run on Windows
Mobile PDA's using Python and Tkinter for the GUI. Since all of the
data pushes/pulls relies on XMLRPC it shouldn't be too daunting. Just
need to present the data nicely :-)

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