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Xavier Morel xavier.morel at
Wed Jan 4 13:46:36 EST 2006

Peter Hansen wrote:
> Riko, any chance you could post the final code and a bit more detail on 
> exactly how much Psyco contributed to the speedup?  The former would be 
> educational for all of us, while I'm personally very curious about the 
> latter because my limited attempts to use Psyco in the past have 
> resulted in speedups on the order of only 20% or so.  (I blame my 
> particular application, not Psyco per se, but I'd be happy to see a 
> real-world case where Psyco gave a much bigger boost.)
> Thanks,
> -Peter

Someone I know created an application to compute Markus Lyapunov 
fractals (aka heavy mathematical computations) (he pretty much did it to 
learn Python).

Last time I checked, his code ran in roughly 3 minutes (179s) on my box 
(Athlon64/3000+) without psyco and 46 seconds with psyco enabled under 
Windows 2000.

Someone else got respectively 2mn34s and 13s (without and with psyco) on 
a Linux box with an Athlon XP 2600+ (same frequency as my 3200+ btw, 2GHz).

My tests show a 74% speedup, and the Linux test shows a 91% speedup.

In any case, the gain is significant because the actual code is very 
short (less than 200 lines, and the algorithm itself fits in under 50 
lines) and is called very often (from my notes, the main function is 
called 160000 times during the computation of the fractal)

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