Why does Rpy/R-plot work under PythonWin, but not under commandline/IDLE?

Bo Peng bpeng at rice.edu
Mon Jan 9 01:50:58 EST 2006

Dear list,

I am using rpy, a python module to control statistical package R from 
python. Running the following commands

 >>> from rpy import *
 >>> r.plot(0)

will pass command 'plot' to R and run it. I notice that the R-plot will 
not refresh (a window is created but the figure is not drawn) until the 
next plot command is executed,
   * when I use python (2.3, 2.4) command line or IDLE
   * NOT when I use pythonwin ( provided with pywin32 package)

Since rpy+R works under python+pythonwin, I assume that this is not a 
problem with rpy or R. Does anyone know why commandline/IDLE cause this 
problem, while PythonWin does not? I am interested to know what I can do 
in commandline (or in rpy) to fix this problem.


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