trap the Newwindow2 event on wxPython with IE ActiveX

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Mon Jan 16 03:49:15 EST 2006

Hi, everyone. I work on windows os and want to write a IE based webbrowser.

For I find that the only method which can handle most of the HTML standard
is to embed IE object, I want to change demo\ (from old
wxPython) into a kind of multi-tab webbrowser( like greenbrowser, maxthon).
Now the question is: how can I deal with the NewWindow2 Event? How can I get
the url when a new window is to be created, and display this webpage in my
app other than a new IE? That is to say: = wxPython.iewin.wxIEHtmlWin(self, -1)
        wxPython.iewin.EVT MSHTML NEWWINDOW2(self, -1, self.OnNewWindow2)

     def OnNewWindow2(self, evt):
                #how to program here?

The artilce on describes "How To
Use the WebBrowser Control NewWindow2 Event" in VB as

Private Sub WebBrowser1_NewWindow2(ppDisp As Object,
                                   Cancel As Boolean)
   Dim frmWB As Form1
   Set frmWB = New Form1

   frmWB.WebBrowser1.RegisterAsBrowser = TRUE

   Set ppDisp = frmWB.WebBrowser1.Object
   frmWB.Visible = True
End Sub

Since except "self", OnNewWindow2 only need one extra parameter other that
2, I donno how to change this code into python one?

Because I know almost nothing about VB and ActiveX, can somebody give me a
ready-to-run simple demo or demo based demo\

Thanx in adavance.
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