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Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Jan 9 01:13:02 CET 2006

John J. Lee wrote:
> "Paul Boddie" <paul at> writes:
> [...]
> > many would advocate using "AJAX" techniques and dropping support for
> > conventional Web interactions, but I think that such advocacy and the
> > resulting applications threaten the usability of the Web for fairly
> > large groups of people.
> That may well be true in practice, but I don't see any intrinsic
> reason for it.  Do you {,care}?

As I've probably said before, it's tempting for some people to demand
JavaScript for their Web applications whilst claiming that JavaScript
implementations are ready for serious use. Yet, aside from some of the
more hyped toolkits managing either to crash my
not-particularly-incapable browser or failing to do anything visible,
there's still a lot to be said for simple, "old school" Web
interactions. Would I prefer a silky drag-and-drop experience on an
Internet banking site, or would I rather be presented with the
pertinent facts for a transaction with some buttons on the page to
either confirm or cancel my actions? The latter approach quite probably
reduces the "what's going on now?" factor amongst large sections of
society familiar (but not intimately so) with computers - ie. more than
95% of users, I'd imagine. In attempting to replicate some dubious user
interface metaphor from their Mac, I imagine that most of the more
vocal "AJAX" advocates forget this.


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