Problem with FTPLib and incomplete files on some downloads

BJ Swope bigblueswope at
Fri Jan 20 07:49:39 EST 2006

Just guessing but are the files binary yet you are downloading them without
declaring binary?

On 1/16/06, Peter A.Schott <paschott at> wrote:
> I download a lot of 4-6 KB files and regularly run into issues with files
> that
> don't get downloaded all the way or otherwise get corrupt.
> I do something like:
> RemoteList = nlstdir()
> for filename in RemoteList:
>   LocalFile = open(filename, "wb")
>   LocalFile.write( "get file code here" )
>   LocalFile.close()
>   #ftplib call to delete the remote file
> I've tried to insert a pause into the code between the close and the
> remote
> delete, but that doesn't seem to help.  For some reason it doesn't seem
> like the
> buffer is completely written or read before the remote delete is
> called.  That
> leads to a file that's not 100% complete and thus can't be decrypted.
> Any ideas on what to look for?  I don't have my exact code handy at the
> moment
> or I'd post some actual snippets.  It's also not consistent or it would be
> a
> whole lot easier to troubleshoot.  :-)
> Running Python 2.4.2 on Win32.
> Thanks.
> -Pete Schott
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