Python vs C for a mail server

Nicolas Lehuen nicolas.lehuen at
Sat Jan 28 05:56:36 EST 2006

If your friend is proficient in C/C++ then learning Python should not
be a pain. Quite the contrary, it should be an enlightnement. Being
good in C/C++ AND Python is a killer combination, as you can promptly
and efficiently code big chunks of your application in Python and
interface with C/C++ code where (and if) high performance is required.

Now, you should definitely check the requirements for the homework.

If the assignment is about being able to decipher an RFC and implement
it correctly with a nice software design, then I would definitely opt
for Python. Having to squish memory management, string manipulation and
character encoding bugs in C/C++ is not fun and not related to
high-level design nor RFC support.

If it's just a way to throw a programming challenge at your friend's
face, then you should check whether it's okay to use Python rather than
C/C++, otherwise he could be charged of cheating by using a more
productive language :).


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