Python on WinXP Embedded

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Thu Jan 12 08:47:25 EST 2006

Godzilla wrote:
> Hello rtilley,
> thanks for replying so soon. I wish to install WinXP Embedded on a
> PC/104 module and install Python on WinXP Embedded, not WinPE... The
> hardware which is to be acquired is about a celeron 400MHz but we just
> not sure how well Python will work under WinXPE...

Whoops. Sorry... there are too many Windows acronyms around ;). I've
never used Python in this type of environment, but I'm sure someone out
there has.

I found this from a 2001 archive:

Grant Edwards wrote:
> In article <3A6D1E04.AABCC7DE at>, Peter Hansen wrote:
> >Actually, Python can be suitable for real-time embedded
> >software, as well.
> I suppose it depends on the system resources and requirements.
> The vast majority of embedded systems don't have the resources
> required to run Python -- even the deeply embedded version
> without the compiler.

Quite true.  That's why I said "can" be suitable, not "is".

We have Python running on a 1MB Flash/1MB RAM PC/104 module.
With the compiler.  Quite cool.  I know from posts here that
at least one other company has achieved something similar.
I'm still pleased to find how well many of Python's advantages
translate through into the embedded world.  This is, of course,
an extremely long way from a 16-bit chip with a 64K address
space, but for that there's always FORTH. :-)

Read it all here:

Best of luck!!!

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