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Brian van den Broek broek at
Thu Jan 19 03:28:24 EST 2006

Steve Holden said unto the world upon 11/01/06 04:44 AM:

A few minor points about the design:

The "Using Python for . . ." for section on the right is expectation 
violating in several ways:

1) Each two lines have 3 separate links, but all go to the same place. 
Much better, I think, to make the entire two lines one link.
2) Alternating lines in slightly different colours briefly made me 
wonder if a visited/not visited distinction was being marked. The 
difference is also a bit too subtle; I wasn't entirely sure it was 
there at first.
3) The second line of every pair seems badly spaced, e.g. "ServersPeer 
to Peer". (This is with Firefox 1.07 running on Linux.)
4) Even if the first and second lines are kept as separate parallel 
links, that there are two links in the second line, and that they 
break on subject seems wrong as the whitespace makes the "link chunks" 
and "text chunks" fail to coincide.

None of that is critical, but all of it is a bit puzzling.

A suggestion:
I think it would be a good thing if the wiki were prominently linked 
somewhere. Perhaps not on the main page, but surely in somewhere such 
as the community or documentation navigation submenus.

Best to all,

Brian vdB

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