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Mike Meyer mwm at
Thu Jan 5 18:53:45 CET 2006

"py" <codecraig at> writes:
> Is there a way in python to figure out which process is running on
> which port?  I know in Windows XP you can run "netstat -o" and see the
> process ID for each open port....but I am looking for something not
> tied to windows particularly, hopefully something in python.

Well, once you get to "no tied to an OS", you're out of luck. You can
run network stacks on systems that don't have processes, so there's no
general mechanism for getting process information from a
socket. Restricting things to posixish systems doesn't seem to help
much, as there doesn't seem to be a posix interface to get it either.

> if not, any known way, such as netstat shown above, for other versions
> of windows (such as 98, 2000) and even linux?

Many windows networking tools started life as Unix networking
tools. Netstat is one of them. The -o flag may be a Windows addition,
though. FreeBSD (for instance) doesn't have it, but provides the
sockstat command to get pid/process name/etc. info on
sockets. Sockstat uses sysctls to pull specific kernel structures,
which means it's OS-specific. Python doesn't seem to have a way to do
sysctl calls, either.

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