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Steve Holden steve at
Thu Jan 19 08:55:05 EST 2006

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> Steve Holden wrote
>>As you indicated, there are other priorities just at the moment.
> you're complaining about the lack of manpower, and still think that lowering
> the threshold for contributions is not a priority ?  at this point, this should
> be your *only* priority.
> I mean, getting this from a long-time python contributor that decided to
> help out
>     My first attempt ended almost immediately.  Too much software
>     to download and install for anything like casual use.
> should be a rather strong indicator that the project isn't on the right track.
Or that the instructions being followed were those for producing a local 
copy of the website rather than editing the beta site content (mea 
culpa, since I believe 'twas I who gave the instructions).

> (and it sure isn't the only indicator; I still claim that the analysis is flawed,
> and that the front-page asset shouldn't be reserved for a
> target audience that doesn't exist.  but that's a separate problem; if you
> solve the threshold problem, we can deal with that later.  if you don't, we
> might get stuck with the new design for as long as we've had the old one).
I don't think it's *reserved* for anyone. The idea is to try and offer a 
system that allows easy changes to the content while maintaining a 
relatively clean design.
>>Once the new documentation site is up and running, that is :-)
> that's an interesting comparision: it took me about 30 minutes to convert
> 10+ megabytes of reference material into a usable (X)HTML infoset (that
> is, with isolated content and structural information derived from the source
> material), and a few hours to get old source->new source->render tool-
> chain to a state where most conversion bugs turns out to be typos in the
> original documents (aka "the 80% of the remaining 20%" level).
> if converting the old content is and has been the biggest problem in the
> project, it seems to me as if you might not be doing things
> in the easiest possible way...

Well I can't disagree with that. Want to help?

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