Python loading library containing embedded python...

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Mon Jan 30 06:49:22 CET 2006

Brennus wrote:
> I compiled pythoncore.lib. I statically link this to my dll
> and define Py_BUILD_CORE before including Python.h.

Can you please elaborate? How did you do this? How do you know
pythoncore.lib is a static library? What msvcrt is it linked
with (use depends.exe to find out)?

> The only difference I can see with doing this vs linking the
> python dll dynamically is that Py_IsInitialized returns true
> when using the dll. This makes sense, but little else does.

You should explicitly call Py_Initialize in your embedded
application. Py_Initialize should return false before you
do so, and true afterwards. If that is not the case (e.g.
if Py_Initialize returns true even though you haven't called
Py_Initialize), something is wrong.

> For now, I am testing this in Windows with Visual Studio.
> I will look into renaming the symbols, but I am not sure
> I understand why this is necessary. Surely two unrelated
> DLLs can exist in a process with the same function names?

On Windows, yes. Not on Unix, atleast not in general.

> If not, I am surprised this problem hasn't been seen or
> even exploited by plugin competitors more often.

For plugins, there is a real problem on Unix, with several
strategies to solve it available. Avoiding naming conflicts
in the first place is the only one that really works,
independently of the plugin host.


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