Apache with Python 2.4 Need Help !!!

pycraze dennis.varghese at wipro.com
Wed Jan 25 11:44:11 CET 2006


  I am currently using Fedora Core - 3 with apache 2.0 Web Server and
Python 2.4 .

    I have numerous dependencies when i want to use Python 2.4 version
with Apache 2.0 Web Server . I have installed the mod-python module ,
for apache , which is one of the package i got while installing Fedora
Core - 3 . I want to host some information onto another machine , which
have a running Apache 2.0 and mod-python installed too , so i would
like to know have apache released any version that can be successfully
use Python 2.4 ( with mod-python module ) using Fedora Core -3 .

   I would prefer a stable and successful version , if any , that goes
well with Python 2.4 .

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