Reading from input file.

Sheldon shejo284 at
Wed Jan 11 05:55:35 EST 2006

Hi Kyrstian,

Try reading the file with ope(file,'r').read()
and  then split the string using '\n' as the delimiter (this will break
the file down into each individual line consisting of several columns).
Then string split each line of the file (unsing '  ' as the delimiter),
they should now be 3, or more, columns per line, and store each column
in a vector - adding each line to the vector with append function. Then
place each vector in a list.
Now you  should have a file to compare with the next one. But watch out
for files of varying lengths as they cannot be compared on a one-to-one
basis. One you have each file in a list or vector or dictionary or
array style, comparison and calculations should be straight forward.

Hope this points you in the right direction. I haven't tried this
myself but I have done a similar thing earlier but I strongly believe
that it should work.


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