Marshal Obj is String or Binary?

Paul Rubin http
Sun Jan 15 17:05:47 EST 2006

"Mike" <mike12mike12 at> writes:
> Correct. I didn't quite see the issue as assembly vs. python, having
> direct translation to programming hours.... I figured the day I
> upgrade my python, I would write a python script to upgrade the
> data. I take my word back.

Writing that script sounds potentially capable of consuming some
programming hours.  If the marshal format changes, it might not be
easy to have the old and new marshal modules in the same Python
instance.  You might need two separate interpreters (old and new), to
demarshal your objects in the old interpreter and communicate them
somehow to the new interpreter (e.g. through pickle and sockets) for
re-marshalling.  Migrating a database is a big pain in the neck
already without such extra complication.

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