Returning a value from code string

Fried Egg webb.sprague at
Mon Jan 30 11:38:43 EST 2006

<SNIP> All the well reasoned responses about asking possibly out of
context why questions </SNIP>

Well, I won't be so impatient the next time someone misconstrues what I
thought was a simple question and lectures me about SQL injection or

Additionally, if I think something might be considered a little nuts, I
will add a line to the effect of "This is crazy, I just want to figure
out how to do it, you don't need to lecture me about SQL injection".

I hadn't considered the viewpoint of those on the newsgroup who
faithfully answer questions day in and day out, who are basically
volunteering as tutors to the community, and who see the conversations
in a very different light than I do.  Thanks to them for their time,
and I appreciate their (as usual) excellently written responses.

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