ANN: Leo 4.4a5 released

Edward K. Ream edreamleo at
Fri Jan 6 15:35:57 CET 2006

Leo 4.4 alpha 5 is now available at:

This release completes the last major features of Leo 4.4:

- User-specified key-binding modes.

- Support for multiple key-bindings for individual minibuffer commands.

This will be the last alpha version of Leo 4.4. Beta 1 is coming in about a 
week. You should be able to use this version safely; there are no known 
serious bugs.

To learn about Leo, see:

The highlights of Leo 4.4:
- An Emacs-like mini-buffer: you can now execute any command by typing its 
long name. Support for tab completion.

- A tabbed log pane. The Find and Spell Check commands now use tabs instead 
of dialogs, making those commands much easier to use. Plugins or scripts can 
easily create new tabs. The Completion tab shows possible typing 

- Support for most commands in the Emacs Cmds menu, including cursor and 
screen movement, basic character, word and paragraph manipulation, and 
commands to manipulate buffers, the kill ring, regions and rectangles.

- Per-pane key bindings. You can bind shortcuts to multiple commands 
depending on which of Leo's panes presently has focus. For example, you can 
use arrow keys to move nodes in the outline pane, while retaining their 
defaults in Leo's body pane.

- User-specified key-binding modes. This feature makes it possible to 
emulate all aspects of Emacs and Vim as far as key bindings are concerned.

- Leo recovers from crashes much more reliably than in any previous version.

- @command nodes create minibuffer commands. You can bind key shortcuts to 
@button and @command nodes.

- Leo handles key events and updates the screen immediately rather than 
queuing them for idle time.

- Leo updates the screen immediately rather than waiting for idle time. This 
improves response.


Edward K. Ream
January 6, 2006
Edward K. Ream   email:  edreamleo at

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