Python loading library containing embedded python...

Alex Martelli aleax at
Mon Jan 30 05:56:26 CET 2006

Brennus <xorchid at> wrote:
> I have solved my problem, or at least part of it by downgrading
> to Visual Studio 2003. For whatever reason, the same steps applied
> to Visual Studio 2005 result in massive problems.
> Even the python.exe compiled by VS 2005 throws A/Vs on startup.

I believe the python core developers who do develop on Windows have not
even tried VS 2005 and have no intention of so doing for the foreseeable
future.  Unfortunate -- as a python core developer myself, while I
mostly use MacOSX, and secondarily Linux, I'd be happy to lend a hand
occasionally with Windows *IF* I could use VS 2005, which I can get for
free, rather than any product I'd have to pay for.

But, it's not up to me: I use Windows only when I really truly have to
(e.g., to check that things work there, too, before publishing articles
or books) -- I WON'T commit to spending substantial time and effort on
Windows as long as I can use GOOD systems like the Mac or Linux (I used
to make a living as a Windows guru, see <>
for a trace of that, and exactly because of that I know use Windows as
rarely as I can get away with!-).

The choice of what Windows environment is best is obviously up to those
python core developers who DO use Windows day-in, day-out (such as Tim
Peters -- there may be others, but I can't really think of any offhand).

> Are there plans to move away from VS? It's horrible imho. I only

I don't know of any such plans, sadly.  You may want to take up the
subject on python-dev: few core developers routinely follow this list
(or newsgroup, whatever;-).  If you volunteer to port the development
environment for Windows to X, and can show that the performance with
whatever compiler X offers is better than VS's, you may stand a chance.
Good luck... you'll need quite a bit;-).


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