PyHtmlGUI Project is looking for developers

Veri ps270888 at
Thu Jan 19 08:35:55 EST 2006

Good Morning everybody.

Maybe it didn't get clear in the previous discussion: We didn't choose
Qt as GUI API, we build an own GUI which is able to produce XML and
html output, but whose structure is close to Qt. We even built a basic
factory which produces PyHtmlGUI widgets from a Qt Designer .ui file,
but it is still in development.
The GUI is used by another project (a data management framework for
Zope) which hasn't been anounced yet, but could generally be used for
any python based webapplication (it enfolds its full capacity when it
comes to forms, dialogs and wizards).
The lack of client-side functionality (Javascript etc.) didn't cause
any urgent problems, so we decided to postpone that, but since there
are almost no constraints on widget customization, it is even now
possible to build in javascript while building a layout, we just didn't
The main goal of the project is to have a real GUI creating html and
thus to avoid something like dtml, jsp or php etc., where you have to
fiddle code into html. It's the other way around and since the css
update it is even looking nice ;)

Have a nice day, 


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