How to remove subset from a file efficiently?

fynali iladijas at
Sat Jan 14 03:51:15 EST 2006

    $ cat

    import psyco

    postpaid_file = open('/home/sajid/python/wip/stc/2/PSP0000333')
    outfile = open('/home/sajid/python/wip/stc/2/PSP-CBR.dat.psyco',

    barred = {}

    for number in open('/home/sajid/python/wip/stc/2/CBR0000333'):
        barred[number] = None # just add it as a key

    outfile.writelines([number for number in postpaid_file if number
not in barred])

    postpaid_file.close(); outfile.close()

    $ time ./

    real    0m39.638s
    user    0m5.532s
    sys     0m0.868s

This was run on my machine (w/ Python 2.4.1), can't install psyco on
the actual server at the moment.

I guess using generators & newer Python is indeed faster|better.


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