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Sibylle Koczian Sibylle.Koczian at
Mon Jan 23 08:54:22 EST 2006

Tony Meyer schrieb:
>>> But sheesh, if I objected to every picture of the moon I
>>> see (or pictures that vaguely resemble a moon), I would be
>>> in a very sad state.
>> But you see Terry, the point is not that it is just a picture. And
>> let's not forget that as far as we know the moon has always been a
>> natural part of all human life on this earth before and after Islam,
>> and even for those who never heard of Islam. And so the moon is not a
>> Muslim monopoly.
> Perhaps you're not aware of this, but the 'plus' shape existed before  
> Christianity, too.
> =Tony.Meyer

And the Python logo _is_ a plus sign and _not_ a christian cross. Try 
crucifying anybody on it.

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