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Tim Parkin tim at
Thu Jan 12 10:52:08 CET 2006

Mike Meyer wrote:
> Stefan Rank <stefan.rank at> writes:
>>Very nice!
>>Just wanted to note that the content area and the menu area overlap
>>(leaving some content unreadable)
>>in Opera 8.51 / WinXP
> Ditto for Opera 8.51 / OSX, and for Safari.
> It's a problem with not handling users who need large fonts. I
> recreated it in Mozilla by changing the minimum font size setting from
> "None" to "20" (just a value I chose at random). I use Opera and
> Safari on a day-to-day basis, and probably configured them
> appropriately for my aging eyes.
Yep... The problem at the moment is that we're trying to (correctly IMO)
use relative font sizing for both fonts and layout.. The problem I'm
hitting is that layout widths/heights are based on the basefont size. So
 if my basefont size 89% and I've size my fonts at 84%, the fonts get
affected by the applied minimum font before the layout, causing the menu
items to expand before the actual menu container. There is a fix for
this problem already as it also exhibits itself on the gecko platform
(hopefully that will be up on beta. in the next few days)

> Of course, this is typical on the web: "Works in IE" really means
> "works in IE in the configurations we tested it for", and usually
> means "works in our favorite configuration".
Actually the site has been tested on every browser listed on and a few extras...

Whilst it doesn't work on ie4 (although it is readable) it does work on
netscape 4.x (albeit with a much simpler css layout dedicated for just
this browser) and it has also been optimised to work in lynx/links and
has been partially tested in some speech readers.. However, since this
testing there has been some changes made and instead of continually
testing across all configurations, we're planning on running another
browser check soon.

> In particular, creating a good-looking design that remains readable in
> all possible browser configurations is impossible. Getting one that is
> readable in all reasonable browser configurations is hard, unless you
> make your definition of "reasonable" very narrow.
Not quite impossible but I agree it's pretty hard, especially using css
for layout and trying to follow w3c guidelines (e.g. the relative font
sizing thing)... However our aim is to make the site readable in all
browsers in the majority of normal configurations.

Thanks for the feedback..

Tim Parkin

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