New website ?

Shalabh Chaturvedi shalabh at
Wed Jan 18 20:50:51 EST 2006

Tim Parkin wrote:
> Tim N. van der Leeuw wrote:
>> Perhaps I should have withheld my criticisms until I could offer an
>> alternative. (Still thinking about what could be there instead of those
>> 3 pictures. But I'd like there to be some actual real Python content,
>> or links to events from the Python Events Calender; or perhaps links to
>> large python projects like Zope -- something that links to the major
>> parts of Python. Perhaps 1 picture that links to Python Web Development
>> including things like Zope, Django, etc; another picture that links to
>> a page giving overview of major IDEs for Python; and 3d picture that
>> links to page with Python Event calender... Something along those
>> lines. But I don't have any graphics for you.)
> That sounds fine.. I think having a link to a high profile user of
> python would be very useful though. I agree the XP link is a bit shite.
> Hopefully we'd get the photos and links to success
> stories/events/software changing every now and again..
> how about
> 1) High profile user of Python
> 2) Link to upcoming python event
> 3) Link to web development uses of python
> the only problem is
> 1) people will argue over which user of python to put up
> 2) This will probably just be pycon and europython.. which is no bad
> thing.. until we get more than two conferences at similar times.. which
> one should we show?

If a text section is used instead, the little PIG meetings all over the 
place could be a part of this?

> btw do you have a problem with using nasa or astrazeneca as example high
> profile users?

I think Astrazeneca would be great since they have a success story, but 
NASA only has a couple of lines and I don't think is good enough.


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