add pexpect to the standard library, standard "install" mechanism.

Robert Kern robert.kern at
Thu Jan 19 15:49:21 EST 2006

funkyj wrote:
> Fredrik Lundh wrote:
>>any special reason why pexpect cannot ship with a standard distutils
>> file (or even egg support) ?
> <googles distutils>
> Oh, apparently there is a standard/builtin python distribution
> mechanism called 'distutils'.
> I guess on the install issue my only suggestion would be for the
> pexpect README to say something like:
> To install this package on your system run:
>       bash$ python install

Installing Pexpect

The pexpect-current.tgz tarball is a standard Python Distutil distribution.

   1. download pexpect-current.tgz
   2. tar zxf pexpect-current.tgz
   3. cd pexpect-current
   4. python install

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