Returning a value from code string

Kirk McDonald mooquack at
Sun Jan 29 18:08:20 EST 2006

Peter Hansen wrote:
> In the specific case in question, Kirk's first post gave little or no 
> hint about how much he knew about security issues and, by asking "why?", 
> with a single word Steven hoped to learn enough to say things like "oh, 
> there's a package designed to do that which you can just plug in" or 
> "oh, it's clear you are totally new to issues of network security and 
> are about to put your foot right in it, so here's some background to 
> save you from yourself", or whatever...

Heh heh. For what it's worth, I did have a perfectly good reason for 
trying to do what might otherwise be a suicidally insane idea. On the 
other hand, I've been re-evaluating my needs, and I'll probably be 
hardcoding the more important bits of code that I was going to store in 
the database (in that pulling these things from the database whenever I 
need to use them is remarkably slow compared to letting mod_python cache 
them, and these particular functions are unlikely to ever change). If I 
do need a way to have dynamic code in the database, I've added a thing 
that just reflects POST data back to the database-stored PSP document in 
which the form was found (if the form wants it to), letting the PSP 
document deal with it. That should be adequate.

In short, I learned something about exec and namespaces that I'm not 
actually going to use. Hooray!

-Kirk McDonald

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