exec a string in an embedded environment

Tommy Ryding Tommy.Ryding at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 04:29:46 EST 2006

No it didn't help me :(

the foo_ptr that is returned from PyRun_String is not a callable
object. Therefor I can't call it from PyObject_Call.

I would like to do the exact same procedure as I do when the code is
located in a module (file).

pModule = PyImport_Import(pName);

	if (pModule != NULL) {
		pFunc = PyObject_GetAttrString(pModule, inArg->funcName);
		/* pFunc is a new reference */

		if (pFunc && PyCallable_Check(pFunc)) {

It must be possible to import a module written inside a string with a
similar approach. The ultimate solution would be to change the
PyImport_Import() call to something that creates an object from a

Now some of you think why not have the code inside a file. We need to
create encrypted script files, thats why.

I hope someone can help me //Tommy

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