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Steve Holden steve at
Wed Jan 18 10:19:31 CET 2006

Tim N. van der Leeuw wrote:
> Shalabh,
> You've managed very well to express the same things I feel about the
> new Python website.
> What I especially dislike about the new website are the flashy pictures
> on the front-page with no content and no purpose -- purely boasting but
> nothing to back up your claims.
> (I wouldn't mind some sleek pictures there if they weren't desperatly
> trying to advertise success-stories but instead would link to real
> content!)
> I do like to overall look-and-feel of the beta site but I hope the bad
> bits get fixed before launch!
What we are desperately missing is people to roll up their sleeves and 
help with the process of content conversion and its onward maintenance. 
The current beta site content is *far* from complete, and nobody is 
married to the particular images on the front-page mock-up (which is 
what that is).

The intention of the new system is to allow a much larger group of 
people to assist in generating and maintaining the content. If we (the 
PSF) don't succeed in recruiting content maintainers then the only 
return on the time and money that's been spent will be a new look.

Remarks about the current content of the beta site are inappropriate. If 
you want Python success stories to publicize there are plenty of them at

The content needs responsible people to maintain it, not a slagging 
before it's complete!

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