Linux NETLINK Sockets

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Thu Jan 12 01:28:17 EST 2006

Jeremy Moles wrote:
> ^^ From a year ago or so--did this never get put into Python trunk? As
> far as I can tell the answer is no. It's something I'd like to use in
> Python if available, though, writing a small wrapper wouldn't be out of
> the question if need be.

It's not included. Patches should be submitted to SF, not posted to
python-dev. It appears that he also submitted #1103116 at the time -
unfortunately without actually attaching the patch. Unfortunately,
nobody noticed during that year, either.

Bottom message: people can contribute significantly to Python by
reviewing patches.

So you would have to write your own extension module to support this.
If you don't want to start from scratch, just copying socketmodule.c,
applying the patch, and naming the module, say, socket2, would do
the trick.


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