Systems Developer for Toronto! URGENT!!

proex wandalin at
Tue Jan 10 14:48:38 EST 2006

Systems Developer- Toronto

Overall Responsibility:

To assist and lead in the fulfilment of organizational needs and goals
of the Company through the design, development, programming,
implementation, integration, maintenance and support of an internally
built database driven reservations system (ERP) for customers and
internal use, as well as integration with 3rd party web-based systems
and 3rd party software used in-house.

Key areas of responsibility

· Maintenance and ongoing development and enhancement of enterprise
level database application and related support systems

· Server functionality and administration

· Quality assurance of system code

· Debugging

· Continuous improvement in system functionality, integration and
overall efficiency and effectiveness

· Communicating with end-users and management to better understand
system requirements and strategic goals

· Assisting in determining hardware and software needs in light of
company goals and ongoing system development

· To keep apprised of developments in the field to ensure currency
and make recommendations to management to improve efficiency and

Required Skills & Experience

Basic programming skills:

· source control

· unit tests

· aspect oriented programming

· refactoring

Python skills (or similar object oriented programming such as Ruby):

· using distutils and to build an installer

· metaprogramming, or experience with metaclass based systems (eg:

· Python/C integration using Pyrex

· ctypes is also acceptable, but code will need to be ported


· must have extensive experience with angle bracket technology

· DOM (Document Object Model)

· SOAP and XMLRPC for remote procedure calls

· XPath/XQuery is an asset

· libxml2 experience is an asset

UNIX skills:

· Must be familiar with Debian derived Linux distributions. We
primarily use Ubuntu.

· Will be expected to maintain servers and upgrade debian packages as

· basic user administration

· apache administration (virtual hosts, mod_rewrite, mod_proxy,

· subversion administration


· must be comfortable administering headless servers via a shell

· trac, or any other bug tracker. Should be comfortable with
configuring the bug tracker

Database skills:

· OLTP and OLAP schema design skills

· MySQL experience is required

· Experience with MySQL replication is an asset

· Postgresql experience is nice to have


· LDAP an asset

· cygwin experience is an asset

· Mac OS X experience an asset

· Windows 2000/XP experience an asset

· ability to relate to staff in a courteous fashion

· good communication skills with both technical and non-technical

· ability to multi-task

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