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Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Thu Jan 19 15:10:44 CET 2006

Veri wrote:
> Good Morning everybody.
> Maybe it didn't get clear in the previous discussion: We didn't choose
> Qt as GUI API, we build an own GUI which is able to produce XML and
> html output, but whose structure is close to Qt. We even built a basic
> factory which produces PyHtmlGUI widgets from a Qt Designer .ui file,
> but it is still in development.
> The GUI is used by another project (a data management framework for
> Zope) which hasn't been anounced yet, but could generally be used for
> any python based webapplication (it enfolds its full capacity when it
> comes to forms, dialogs and wizards).
> The lack of client-side functionality (Javascript etc.) didn't cause
> any urgent problems, so we decided to postpone that, but since there
> are almost no constraints on widget customization, it is even now
> possible to build in javascript while building a layout, we just didn't
> try.
> The main goal of the project is to have a real GUI creating html and
> thus to avoid something like dtml, jsp or php etc., where you have to
> fiddle code into html. It's the other way around and since the css
> update it is even looking nice ;)

So you'e creating a Python API to a GUI, which generates HTML
interfaces with appropriate callbacks to the relevant widgets. This API
*resembles* the Qt API.

What would be nice is a compatibility layer which means that the same
application could be created for the Web or the desktop, just using the
appropriate GUI toolkit (web or desktop). This wasa what I thought you
were doing. With appropriate AJAX type calls it's not unfeasible.

All the best,


> Have a nice day, 
> Peter

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