how-to POST form data to ASP pages?

Alan Kennedy alanmk at
Sun Jan 1 15:37:55 EST 2006

> I have tried the code you suggested and .. 
> .. Either way I get this error log...
> File "Q:\python\python23.zlib\", line 78, in urlopen
> File "Q:\python\python23.zlib\", line 183, in open
> File "Q:\python\python23.zlib\", line 297, in open_http
> File "Q:\python\python23.zlib\", line 712, in endheaders
> File "Q:\python\python23.zlib\", line 597, in _send_output
> File "Q:\python\python23.zlib\", line 576, in send
> File "<string>", line 1, in sendall
> IOError
> :
> [Errno socket error] (10057, 'Socket is not connected')

OK, now we're getting somewhere.

As you can probably guess from the error message, the socket through 
which urllib is making the request is not connected to the server. We 
have to figure out why.

That library path is unusual: Q:\python\python23.zlib\

Python supports reading library modules from a zip file, but the 
standard installations generally don't use it, except for Python CE, 
i.e. Python for Microsoft Windows PocketPC/CE/WTF. Is this the platform 
that you're using? If I remember rightly, Python for Pocket Windows 
doesn't support sockets, meaning that urllib wouldn't work on that platform.

Another thing to establish is whether the URL is working correctly, from 
a client you know works independently from your script above, e.g. an 
ordinary browser. When you submit to your form handling script from an 
ordinary browser, does it work?

alan kennedy
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