multiple clients updating same file in ftp

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Fri Jan 6 16:49:05 CET 2006

Mike Meyer wrote:
> "stewart.midwinter at" <stewart.midwinter at> writes:
> > here's a simple-minded suggestion: have the first client create a text
> > file on the remote server, and delete it when it is finished updating.
> > The second client can check for existence of this file before trying to
> > update.
> That's an old hack, dating back to at least Unix v6. The problem is
> the window between "check for lock file" and "create lock file." The
> solution is to use an atomic create-or-fail action for the lock
> file. Exatly what that is will depend on your server, but things to
> check on are rename and mkdir.

mkdir is good - if the directory already exists an error will be
raised, this means you don't need to check for it's existence (meaning
a race condition in between checking and attempting to create). If two
"mkdir"s occur simultaneously then it is up to the OS to return an
error to one of them.

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