Real-world use cases for map's None fill-in feature?

David Murmann david.murmann at
Thu Jan 12 00:08:58 EST 2006

rurpy at schrieb:
> I am still left with a difficult to express feeling of
> dissatifaction at this process.
> Plese try to see it from the point of view of
> someone who it not a expert at Python:
> ... [explains his POV]

i more or less completely agree with you, IOW i'd like izip
to change, too. but there are two problems that you haven't
mentioned. first is that, in the case of izip, it is not clear
how it should be fixed and if such a change does not naturally
fit an API it is difficult to incorporate. personally i think 
i like the keyword version ("izip(*args, sentinel=None)") best,
but the .rest-method version is appealing too...

second (and i think this is the reason for the use-case search)
is that someone has to do it. that means implement it and fix
the docs, add a test-case and such stuff. if there are not many
use-cases the effort to do so might not be worthwhile.

that means if someone (you?) steps forward with a patch that does
this, it would dramatically increase the chance of a change ;).


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