- E04 - Leadership! Google, Guido van Rossum, PSF

Alex Martelli aleax at mail.comcast.net
Mon Jan 2 02:57:27 CET 2006

Anton Vredegoor <anton.vredegoor at gmail.com> wrote:
> Google's not a nice company (yeah, I know I'm posting from a google
> account). If you look at their job requirements it's clear they will
> only hire people with long backstabbing histories.

Such as...? Guido van Rossum?  Greg Stein?  Vint Cerf?  Ben Goodger?
Please DO share your insider-information about the "long backstabbing
histories" of each and every one of these people, I'm sure it will be
most fascinating (as well as useful for self-protection to future
potential victims), and, after all, they ARE all rather public
figures... TIA!


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