Running DOS App on win32 via python over ssh

James Stroud jstroud at
Mon Jan 16 22:53:12 EST 2006

Hello All,

I am helping someone write a python script to run their DOS application 
through an SSH terminal. It seems that this program wants to access a 
DOS shell and send output there. If running remotely, this causes a 
problem because it locks up the program. The program seems (to me) to be 
looking for some non-existant DOS shell to send its output to. How might 
I emulate this shell (or whatever it is) with python? I have tried 
several flavors of python (Enthought, ActiveState, etc.). I have tried 
win32pipe.popen[1-4], and many other things that I can't even remember 
now. My answer in the past has been to erase the hard drive and install 
linux, but it seems that this person is insistent on using 
windows/cygwin. Since I'm married to her, I'm afraid I'm reduced to 
begging for assistance. BTW, I've googled a lot and read many threads, 
most point to win32pipe. If I missed an obvious answer or search term, 
please forgive me. I'm not really a windows guru.

The program in question, in case anyone doesn't understand this problem, 
is lem:

Try running it locally via an xwindows started by cygwin & look to the 
main cygwin window for output (what is special about this window?). Then 
try sshing to your cygwin box and running. It locks up.

Thanks in advance,


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