Win32 Binary-only for 2.3.x?

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Wed Jan 4 18:45:32 EST 2006

dumpingrounds at wrote:
> So, I give.  Can someone point me to somewhere where there is a pile of
> Python 2.3 EXE and DLLs that I can happily dump somewhere on my system
> without having to install?  In case it matters, this is for a WAMP-like
> project I'm developing that includes a working Trac installation.
> Hence the need for Python, and the lack of need for an installer.  And
> no, I *really* don't want to compile from source.
> Many thanks in advance!

Movable Python provides a convenient way of getting (effectively)
Python binaries without needing to install Python.

It has a funky GUI program launcher and is integrated with SPE to make
a portable development environment that will work from a USB key.

All the Best,


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