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Robin Becker robin at
Thu Jan 26 05:03:26 EST 2006

Rob Cowie wrote:
> Take a look at The ReportLab library includes a
> graphics module that might well do what you need. I'm not sure at
> present if it allows one to set alpha-channels to achieve transparency.

ReportLab allows one to set a transparent image colour mask which is equivalent 
to transparency. I believe this isn't yet implemented for jpeg. You can also use 
an auto mask to get the transparency info from those image formats which support it.

> Also, if you have access to a mac running OS X 10.4, the Automator
> application has a prebuilt action that applies a watermark to pdfs.
> Transparency, size and placement are all editable. Obviously, no use if
> you want to do this with Python, but it might suit your needs.
> Rob C

Robin Becker

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