Regex anomaly

mike.klaas at mike.klaas at
Tue Jan 3 00:00:53 EST 2006


Has anyone has issue with compiled re's vis-a-vis the re.I (ignore
case) flag?  I can't make sense of this compiled re producing a
different match when given the flag, odd both in it's difference from
the uncompiled regex (as I thought the uncompiled api was a wrapper
around a compile-and-execute block) and it's difference from the
compiled version with no flag specified.  The match given is utter
nonsense given the input re.

In [48]: import re
In [49]: reStr = r"([a-z]+)://"
In [51]: against = ""
In [53]: re.match(reStr, against).groups()
Out[53]: ('http',)
In [54]: re.match(reStr, against, re.I).groups()
Out[54]: ('http',)
In [55]: reCompiled = re.compile(reStr)
In [56]: reCompiled.match(against).groups()
Out[56]: ('http',)
In [57]: reCompiled.match(against, re.I).groups()
Out[57]: ('tp',)


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