2-dimensional data structures

Tim Chase python.list at tim.thechases.com
Thu Jan 26 16:29:14 EST 2006

> I want to work on a sudoku brute-forcer, just for fun.

Well, as everybody seems to be doing these (self included...), 
the sudoku solver may become the "hello world" of the new world :)

> What is the equivalent way to store data in python? - It isn't obvious 
> to me how to do it with lists.

Several other answers have crossed the list.  I've done it using 
a dictionary of tuples:

	grid = {}
	for row in range(1,10):
		for col in range(1,10):
			grid[(row,col)] = value

	item = grid[(3,2)]


Seemed fairly quick and worked for me.


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