Match First Sequence in Regular Expression?

Christos Georgiou tzot at
Thu Jan 26 12:11:03 EST 2006

On Thu, 26 Jan 2006 18:01:07 +0100, rumours say that "Fredrik Lundh"
<fredrik at> might have written:

>Roger L. Cauvin wrote:
>> Good suggestion.  Here are some "test cases":
>> "xyz123aaabbab" accept
>> "xyz123aabbaab" reject
>> "xayz123aaabab" accept
>> "xaaayz123abab" reject
>> "xaaayz123aaabab" accept
>$ more

[snip of code]
>    m ="aaab", string)
[snip of more code]

>$ python
>got    expected
>accept accept
>reject reject
>accept accept
>reject reject
>accept accept

You're right, Fredrik, but we (graciously as a group :) take also notice of
the other requirements that the OP has provided elsewhere and that are not
covered by the simple test that he specified.

The code above works for "aaaab" too, which the OP has already ruled out,
and it doesn't work for "aaa".
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