Is there a maximum length of a regular expression in python?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Wed Jan 18 09:14:52 EST 2006

olekristianvillabo at wrote:

> I have a regular expression that is approximately 100k bytes. (It is
> basically a list of all known norwegian postal numbers and the
> corresponding place with | in between. I know this is not the intended
> use for regular expressions, but it should nonetheless work.
> the pattern is
> ur'(N-|NO-)?(5259 HJELLESTAD|4026 STAVANGER|4027 STAVANGER........|8305
> The error message I get is:
> RuntimeError: internal error in regular expression engine

you're most likely exceeding the allowed code size (usually 64k).

however, putting all postal numbers in a single RE is a horrid abuse of the RE
engine.  why not just scan for "(N-|NO-)?(\d+)" and use a dictionary to check
if you have a valid match?

    postcodes = {
        "5269": "HJELLESTAD",
        "9999": "ØSTRE FJORDVIDDA",

    for m in re.finditer("(N-|NO-)?(\d+) ", text):
        prefix, number = m.groups()
            place = postcodes[number]
        except KeyError:
        if not text.startswith(place, m.end()):
        # got a match!
        print prefix, number, place


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