- Requesting Comments for Process Definition and Presentation

Ilias Lazaridis ilias at lazaridis.com
Tue Jan 10 11:17:09 EST 2006

Gerard Flanagan wrote:
> Ilias Lazaridis wrote:
>>Ilias Lazaridis wrote:
>>>I would like to ask for feedback on the Process Definition and
>>>Your feedback is _very_ important to me.
>>...The prices for our services start at 250,- €.
> There is a spiritual issue here which I don't think you appreciate!

Please clarify.

Do you mean the "Asking/retrieving free feedback, whilst offering payed 

> I'll send you some spelling corrections if I get a chance.

Please contact me with private email.

> Here's some links (Google 'Software Compliance'):
> http://www.fastcorporateservices.com/fast/projects/textandlinkslist.asp?site=1&SiteSect=8
> http://www.pcprofile.com/aboutus.htm

Very Intresting links.

> All the best
> Gerard



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