void * C array to a Numpy array using Swig

Krish krish.subramaniam at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 21:02:32 EST 2006

Hello People

I hope I am On Topic. Anyways, here is my problem. Any insights would
be really appreciated.

I have wrapped a C IO module using SWIG -> Python Module. Suppose the
name of the module is "imageio" and the reader function from the file
is image_read() which returns an object ( "filled" C structure) with a
lot of members.


a = imageio.image_read("testfile.image")

Now a is the object which contains pointer to data of the image. ( void
* pdata). ( a also contains the datatype which I need to typecast to
get the data pointed by pdata). My question is how to access the data
pointed by pdata in *Python*.

Ideally I want the data to be converted into a Scipy(Numpy) Array
object so that I can perform further operations in Python. Any pointers
will be appreciated.

I think this has to do with PyArrayObjects, TypeMaps etc. but I
couldn't consolidate the whole information. If anyone has done this
kinda stuff before or if anyone can point me to a correct/better way,
it would be really great.

Krish Subramaniam

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