Microsoft IronPython?

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Thu Jan 5 23:47:34 EST 2006

"EP" <EP at> wrote:
> Luis M. González wrote:
> >Will Microsoft hurt Python?
> >
> >
> I think it is naive to ignore the fact that Microsoft could hurt Python,
> though there may be nothing anyone can do.
> >How?
> >
> - create a more prevalent version of "Python" that is less Pythonic or
> undermines some of the principles of the language, basically usurping
> Python as we conceive it in the process;
> - create an incompatible version, so that Python "portability" is
> dependent upon the programmer porting his code to two separate versions
> ("JavaScript" comes to mind);
> - create a poor implementation of Python so that programmers try the MS
> version first, find it lacking, and decide Python is a poor language...
> tarnishing the reputation of the language and its adoption...
Wasn't it often said that Microsoft's strategy for dealing with
(and perhaps rival open source software?) was "embrace, extend,

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