ldap passwd need help

Michael Ströder michael at stroeder.com
Thu Jan 19 04:17:33 EST 2006

Sells, Fred wrote:
> I've got the ldap stuff working for groups, but now I'm trying to use it to
> change a user password.  I get a return of 2 and no error messages but it
> does not change ldap.

Could you please post a complete Python traceback? If you mean "2" being
the LDAP error code this is ldap.PROTOCOL_ERROR.

>     def chg_pw(self,uid,oldpw,newpw):
>         print self.ldap.passwd_s(uid,oldpw,newpw)

Make sure your LDAP server (which one?) supports the
LDAP Password Modify Extended Operation (see RFC 3062) when using method
LDAPObject.passwd_s(). ldap.PROTOCOL_ERROR indicates that the server
does not support it.

Otherwise you have to send a modify request replacing the value of
attribute 'userPassword' in the user's LDAP entry. Make sure you
understand password hashes if needed with your server.

Ciao, Michael.

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