Python vs C for a mail server

Jay Parlar jparlar at
Sun Jan 29 21:15:32 EST 2006

> Paul Boddie wrote:
>> I don't think I've ever seen anyone advocating calling a function like
>> getattr(obj "foo" + "bar")().
>> From Lib/compiler/
> meth = getattr(self.visitor, 'visit' + className, 0)
> Later on:
> meth(node, *args)
> Of course, you can drop the "visit" prefix and make the mechanism more
> predictable, but a search on the standard library for getattr produces
> a lot of evidence against your assertion.
I don't think you understood my assertion, then. The example that the 
original poster gave was using getattr() with a simple string ("foo" + 
"bar") for the 'name' argument, and without a default return value (as 
opposed to throwing a variable in there, or a string plus a variable 
like you did, or a default retval).

I even said you can do some "very powerful things" with getattr, by 
which I meant something exactly like you did. What did you think I 
meant by that?

Jay P.

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