Win32 Binary-only for 2.3.x?

Mike Meyer mwm at
Wed Jan 4 17:50:33 EST 2006

dumpingrounds at writes:
> Yeah, I guess that is one route to go down.  It just seems, I don't
> know, hacky.  I will try it though, if I can't find the binaries online
> by themselves.  I don't think it's a question of being "hard to do"
> using the method you suggested, I just find it really odd that the only
> method of delivery for win32 platform (for end users, at least) is via
> an MSI.  

Not quite. End users can install from sources. It's just a lot more
work than using an MSI.

> I don't know, maybe it's just me :P

Possibly you're the only one who is happy with prebuilt binaries and
at the same time unhappy with using an MSI?

Which leads to the question - exactly what do you dislike about
getting an MSI?

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